PHI Token is developing what they claim to be the world’s first trading bot that can automatically trade crypto and fiat currencies.

Token Sale ended
21 Mar, 2018
PHI 24,101,208
PHI 24,157,817 (100%)

PHI Info

Token Type
Fundraising Goal:
PHI 24,157,817
PHI 24,101,208 (100%)
1 PHI = $1.27
Sold on Pre-sale
Total Tokens
Token Available for Sale
Token Issue
Trading and Investing

Pros & Cons

  • Targeting a well-established and active industry
  • Unique concept with mass market appeal
  • Very low-cost tokens on offer
  • Worldwide appeal for their concept
  • Well written white paper
  • Tokens may soon get snapped up
  • Tokens may soon increase in value
  • May take time or get established
  • Concept is based on a target market
  • Early investors will benefit the most


PHI Token is developing what they claim to be the world’s first trading bot that can automatically trade crypto and fiat currencies.


I often look for those ICO and coins and tokens that are going to give me both a short-term return on my investment but also those that do have long term potential for growth too, and one that did catch my eye what the PHI ICO which is based around trading and investing.

However, it is how the present the concept and then put it into place in a real-world trading environment that will ultimately determine the success of their project, however with the right people in place that is always a very real possibility.

So, with that in mind what I would urge you to do is to take a good look over their team members and see just what trading and investment experience they have, and then base your decision on whether to buy their coins on what you find when you do so.

The trading and investing market sector may be one you are willing to invest in via an ICO and if that is the case then to be able to take part in the PHI ICO you will need to be aware of its launch date and that is March the 8th 2018.

Learn More About the PHI ICO

PHI is launching their ICO to help fund the ongoing development of their trading bot, and if that is something that interests you and you want to know more, then please watch the following video presentation that will explain the concept more.



  • Daniele Bernardi (CEO)
  • Francesco Canella (CFO)
  • Marcos Lin (CTO)
  • Alex Vella (COO)
  • Daniel Heller (ADVISOR)


Trading bots have of course been getting and a lot of bad press recently, however that hasn’t put off many investors taking a very keep interest in the one that is being developed by PHI, and if you are a tech savvy investor this may be something that does interest you.

There are plenty of ways to invest in their project via their ICO, and with the cost of their tokens not be any stretch of the imagination being expensive, it may be something that does interest you personally, and if so look over their white paper and road map.

If they can get the design of their trading bot spot on first time around, which is something that is often very hard to do, then they may just be onto a winner, and if you have invested in the early stages then there may be a large return on your investment to be made.

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