Sapien Network

Sapien Network

The Sapien Network is one that s panned to be very highly customizable, and will be offering a democratized social news platform capable of rewarding content creators without any centralized intermediaries.

Token Sale ended
3 Apr, 2018
$30,000,000 (100%)

Sapien Network Info

Token Type
Fundraising Goal:
$29,970,509 (100%)
1 SPN = 0.11 USD
Sold on Pre-sale
18,500,000 USD (20% BONUS)
Total Tokens
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Social Network

Pros & Cons

  • Large mass market appeal
  • Lots of small and large investors should be interested
  • Solid roadmap in place with set goals and targets
  • Excellent potential for long term growth
  • High tech business with a high tech approach
  • Low cost Ethereum based token
  • Very realistic funding goal that is well on the way to being achieved
  • Planning to launch some imaginative ideas
  • Roadmap well designed and easily achievable
  • Very experienced and solid team in place


With the number of social influencers and content creators being on the increase the Sapien Network are looking to offer them a way of being rewarded for their output and efforts in a  very easy to understand  and very seamless way too.


Whilst there are a lot of advertisers out there who do spend a huge fortune on promoting their companies, brands and businesses, for anyone who is a content creator, gaining access to those advertising dollars can be quite hard to do.

That is something that Sapien Network are addressing with their very unique platform which does allow for social influencers and content creators to be able to easily access a range of different rewards via that platform.

One thing that will be of great interest to potential investors and even content creators and social influencers in regards to  their network is that it is always developed and they do have a large number of advertisers on their books.


The team that are involved in making the Sapien Network a success do have plenty of experience under their collective belts, and below is an overview of that team.


  • Ankit Bhatia (CEO and Co-Founder)

    Studied Electrical Engineering & Computer Science at UC Berkeley, designed, developed, and pioneered the Sapien platform in his junior year, full stack JavaScript engineer who enjoys bringing great ideas to life.  He has been a crypto enthusiast and investor since 2013.

  • Robert Giometti (CPO & Co-founder)

    Studied Mathematics and Electrical Engineering & Computer Science at UC Berkeley. Spearheaded and developed many of the features, algorithms, and innovations in Sapien. He is a theorist who understands how modern technologies will transform future societies. Y Combinator SUS’17 graduate.

  • Aurélien Nicolas (CTO)

    Product security expert, with experience in web, distributed systems, and crypto. He built an AI-for-enterprise start up. He is a white hat hacker (smart contract bounties, web apps) and enjoys researching applications of cryptography and computation integrity.

  • Matias Dorta (Marketing Strategy)

    Studied Political Science and Marketing at American University and Florida International University. He is a founder of 41collective, an independent marketing firm with clients in the music, e-Commerce, and Blockchain sectors and founder of ICO Informer and Crypto Swag.

  • Stefan Ionescu (Lead Solidity Dev)

    Currently working as a CTO for a start up focused on NLP. Building machine learning models for self-driving cars in games and now focusing on applying the blockchain in the insurance world. He is an enthusiast of studying neurobiology and applied psychology alongside multiple programming languages.

  • Christopher Lee (Head of PR)

    Currently working as Director of Marketing for a growing IT company. He is a specialist in digital lead generation and passionate about marketing strategy and new marketing technologies and platforms. Crypto enthusiast and investor since 2015 and believes the surface of Blockchain technology has barely been scratched.

  • Latif Nathani (Product & Marketplace)

    Latif was most recently the CEO of eBay India. He grew the business from under $200M GMV in 2013 to nearly $500M GMV in 2016 and 5M+ customers. He exited with the sale of eBay India to Flipkart. Previously Latif co-founded (one of the first online picture sharing services) and 2 enterprise businesses at Microsoft (Systems Center and Speech Server). He also led global product marketing at Symantec and named/launched Norton 360. Latif has 26 years of technology industry experience, including 15 years at Microsoft.

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Embracing the power of social media is something that every company will want to do these days, for such platforms do of course offer a very direct and often a very cost effective way for companies to get their products out there and raise brand awareness too.

The Sapien Network does it has to be said offers a fully rounded type of concept and one that is sure to be of interest to a great number of people from those who are creating content, to companies and businesses that wants to raise awareness and promote their goods and services to a mass market.

I have seen some quite similar concepts to the one the Sapien Network ICO is offering, however they way they plan to roll out their concept is one that will tempt lots of investors to invest in their tokens, and in fact it may be something that does interest you too.

If so then please do spend as much time as you need studying their roadmap and much more importantly their white paper, as by doing so you will then be able to see for yourself the long term approach they are taking and the interesting way they are going to move forward with their concept too.

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