SyncFab has launched its ICO to help fund a rather innovative service and platform on which it is going to directly connect up buyers directly with hardware manufacturers.

Token Sale ended
15 Mar, 2018
$27,400,000 (100%)

SyncFab Info

Token Type
Fundraising Goal:
$27,400,000 (100%)
1 MFG = 0.19 USD
Total Tokens
Token Available for Sale
Min/Max Personal Cap
Token Issue
Blockchain Service

Pros & Cons

  • Genuine appeal to the hardware manufacturing business sector
  • Existing platform that can be viewed in operation
  • Very experienced team secure and in place
  • Realistic funding goal that is well on the way to being achieved
  • Does away with marketing costs for manufacturers
  • Service negates the need for middlemen and brokers
  • Huge interest and take up so far achieved by their tokens
  • Appeals to both manufacturers and the purchasers of their goods and hardware
  • High ratings achieved by the ICO community
  • Early investor bonus currently available


SyncFab has one simple aim and goal that being to revolutionize the manufacturing supply chain which they intend to do by connecting buyers directly to hardware manufacturers by using the blockchain.


When any economy takes a downturn, it is often the manufacturing industry that is hardest hit, and that is something that SyncFab are aiming to target with their very innovative product and service.

Supply and demand sis of course one thing that can drive a company forward however those companies that are based solely around manufacturing often have to rely on brokers and middlemen who will market their products and then find a buyer for their products too.

Middlemen are of course going to take a cut of the income they help generate, and it is very true to say that many companies that do manufacture any type of hardware are going to see a fair amount of their income being eaten away in fees and charges that their broker and middlemen charge.

SyncFab are offering a platform that does away with those brokers and middlemen and therefore any company that does manufacture anything is going to be able to use that platform to be linked up with a buyer of their product, thus doing away with the fees and charges they are usually forced to pay.

That is going to appeal to a great many manufacturing based companies and buyers of their products alike, and that is one of the main reasons the SyncFab ICO is proving to be a popular one with many investors dipping their toes so to speak into it.


The one main thing that I look for when any ICO has caught my attention is just who the team members that are the driving force behind the project are, and if SyncFab is something that does excite you then below you will find an overview of their team members.


  • Jeremy Goodwin (Chief Executive Officer)

    Jeremy is currently the CEO of SyncFab. From 2008 – 2012, Jeremy served as EVP and CFO of China Advanced Construction Materials Company leading it to peak performance of 2,000 employees and NASDAQ IPO. From 2002 – 2008, Jeremy was Managing Director of 3G Capital Partners and Global Capital Group – Trans-Pacific Merchant Banking Firms with more than $250M in transactions.

  • Andy Tong (Chief Strategy Officer)

    Andy Tong is a entrepreneur known for his success as CEO and Founder of top online game portal MMOABC which garnered millions of monthly visitors from North America with zero spent on advertising. Andy’s current role as Chief Strategy Officer involves influencing, maintaining, and fostering relationships with strategic partnerships, investors, and customers.

  • Jay Ligda (Chief Technology Officer)

    Jay is currently the Chief Technology Officer of SyncFab. Jay’s responsibilities involve managing a team of developers to maintain, and develop the SyncFab application. Jay is a self-educated technologist who’s been in the development community for the last 20 years.

  • Dennis Delgado (Chief Design Officer)

    Dennis Delgado has over 10 years in the art and design world. He has worked in many roles from gallery director to UI/UX designer. He has helped launch numerous Art & Design shows with artists whose works are in the collections of SFMoMA, MoMa, Mint Museum, Pompidou, and The Art Institute of Chicago. Currently, he is developing the online experience of the SyncFab platform matching businesses to local manufacturers.

  • Victor Nguyen (VP Product & Operations)

    Victor Nguyen has a vast set of experiences in the start up, public, and private sector, both nationally and internationally. He was educated as an Engineer, but since has expanded his experience to include marketing, sales, and customer success and product management.

  • Ben Gerstein (VP Marketing)

    Ben Gerstein has over 12 years’ experience in digital marketing, during which he advised fast growing venture-funded SaaS start ups and Fortune 50 global consumer product companies. Ben has helped companies accelerate growth and optimize the customer journey through digital marketing, and growth hacking.


Having a robust and reliable way of matching up manufacturing companies with buyers is something that can be almost impossible to achieve, for with tight deadlines, a reliable supply chain and all of the problems that the manufacturing industry are faced with is can be hard to match one with the other.

Having spent quite some time looking at the idea, roadmap and the experience of the team behind the SyncFab Initial Coin Offering, I have quite quickly warmed to their concept, even though initially it was quite an alien one to me, as it may be with you.

There is no getting away from the fact however that if manufacturers of any type of hardware can find and have in place a reliable system in place for them to be matched up with buyers, then they are going to use that system or service and that is what SyncFab is hoping to achieve.

However, at the end of the day you will probably already be more than aware that many ICO’s may fall by the wayside, but to be fair, if SyncFab do stick to their roadmap then there is a very good chance the concept will bear fruits and is certainly a service many manufacturers are looking for.

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