TE Food is offering something that has never been seen or tried before, and that is using the blockchain as a way to track food from its origin to its point of sale.

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23 Mar, 2018
$19,100,000 (100%)

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$19,079,666 (100%)
1 TFOOD = 0.05 UDS
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19,100,000 USD (22,924 ETH)
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Pros & Cons

  • Offers users a hassle free experience
  • Multi coin trading options
  • Solid and experience team
  • Not overly complicated concept
  • May take a time to gain momentum
  • Realistic funding goal and low cost tokens
  • Very responsive company on social media channels
  • Low initial pricing of tokens generated
  • Will appeal to novice and experienced investors and users alike
  • Short and long term profit and growth potential


The blockchain is one of the most interesting and most exciting tools of the century and TE Foods really have come up with a novel use for it, that being to allow people to trace the origin of their food using their platform.


If there is one thing that does worry consumers these days it is the food they buy, for over the years there have of course been numerous different scandals in regards to food and consumers do want to know their food is safe to eat and is from the place they thought it as from.

The TE Food concept looks quite simple, and to be fair from a consumer’s point of view it is, as anyone is able to instantly trace the origins of the food by using the services of TE Food.

That origin of food is actually stored on the blockchain and as such anyone is going to be able to instantly see, in a  provable way where their food originated and also if they so desire track its movement from food to store!


There is a very well respected and experienced team in place at TE Foods and below you will find information on the key members of that team.


  • Dr. Trung Dao Ha (CEO)

    An Entrepreneur, president of the High Tech Association HCMC. 20 years of strategic leadership, marketing and sales experience in Asia and Europe.

  • Erik Arokszallasi (CEO)

    Entrepreneur, leader of two successful corporate IT development companies in Hungary Erba Ltd and Flexsys Ltd with 23 years of leadership, and IT project management experience.

  • Marton Ven (CMO )

    Entrepreneur, marketing leader of IT development companies Erba Ltd. and Flexsys Ltd. 21 years of marketing, sales and project management experience.

  • Gergely Koves (Project manager)

    Former Ernst & Young consultant, and long time manager of environmentally conscious projects.

  • Katalin Vereczkey (Food industry expert)

    Master in Plant Protection, 18 years at Syngenta in several managerial positions for diverse portfolio & agriculture technologies in broad geographical areas and experienced in Digital Agriculture at different companies.

  • Dr. Gabor Pajor (Food industry expert - Veterinary - Informatics)

    He has 20+ years experience in data analysis, data science, data mining, digital Agriculture expert in the Big4 environment, founder of the Hungarian Precision Agriculture Association.


I have always said that the more unique a concept that is behind any ICO then the more interest such an ICO is going to have, and there I no doubt in my mind that what the TE-Food ICO is offering is a very unique concept and one that is going to have a lot of appeal to a great many people and businesses too.

Being able to see and in real time the route taken by the food you eat is something that a lot of people are interested in finding out but it has always been the case that consumers needed to rely on the retail outlets to ensure the food they bought from them was sourced correctly and could be traced right back to where it came from.

However, consumers especially those that are concerned about processed foods and the suchlike are going to very warmly embrace this concepts, for by doing so there are never going to be any doubts whether the food they are buying is exactly what it should be and they can trace it right back to the farm for example that it as procured at.

However, whilst the concept is a good one and it does have to be said a very unique one too, try and work out whether it is seriously going to be possible to monetize it, for that is going to be one of the major challenges that TF-Food is going to have to overcome and then achieve.

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