The aim of TomoCoin is to launch a blockchain platform and application that will make it easy for users to perform any type of task on the blockchain including but not limited to token issuance.

Token Sale ended
2 Mar, 2018
$8,500,000 (101%)

TomoCoin Info

Token Type
Fundraising Goal:
$8,575,000 (101%)
Sold on Pre-sale
7,500,000 USD
Total Tokens
Token Available for Sale
Token Issue

Pros & Cons

  • Targeting a well established and active industry
  • Unique concept with mass market appeal
  • Very low cost tokens on offer
  • Worldwide appeal for their concept
  • Well written white paper
  • Roadmap has been given a lot of thought
  • Potential for longevity and steady income streams
  • Know your customer requirements
  • Possible additional income streams
  • Experienced team and solid and provable business idea


Making a blockchain that is not only easy to understand but also has a solid platform behind it is not easy to achieve but that is something that TomoCoin are planning to do with the help of their ICO.


If there is one type of ICO that I am beginning to see more and more of it is those that is being backed by some form of blockchain development or even a new type of platform and blockchain application.

That is what the TomoCoin ICO is all about, for they are planning on launching their own blockchain platform, but are aiming at those users who want a much more seamless type of experience.

There is of course no getting away from the fact that when it comes to compiling things such a smart contracts for example, you do have to go on a very sharp learning curve to understand how to compile them and then launch them onto a blockchain.

However, as part of the application and platform being offer by TomoCoin anyone who has very little experience or is highly experienced will be able to launch their own tokens with relative ease but will also be able to make full use of all of the additional tools and features on offer on their blockchain and platform too.


No company or business is going to succeed if they do not have a rock solid and extremely experienced team behind it and below are the main members of the TomoCoin team.


  • Long Vuong (Founder & Project Lead)

    CEO of Tomochain and founder of Tomo app, co-founder and the former project lead of very successful NEM blockchain (New Economy Movement), a PhD candidate in economics.

  • Son Nguyen (CTO)

    Director of Engineering of Tomo app. Son is an experienced and accomplished technical leader, founder of the Blockchain Developer group with more than 800 active members. He has a master’s degree in Engineering.

  • Minh Chu

    Blockchain and Cloud Lead and Chief Cloud Architect of VCCloud – one of the biggest “AWS like” local cloud service in South East Asia. Minh has a deep technology research expertise and is a security expert.

  • Tung Hoang (PM and Co-founder and Co-founder of Tomo app)

    He is the Product manager, frontend engineer, open-source contributor. Tung is a versatile engineer who gets almost everything done in the fastest time possible.


If I had been given a Dollar for every blockchain concept seeking funding from an ICO I have come across then I would start to get very rich, and that is of course exactly what TomoCoin is hoping to achieve through their very own initial coin offering, and alas it is one that does not appeal to me personally.

However, I do know and understand that quite a lot of potential investors do tend to get quite excited when they come cross another type of blockchain concept being launched, and as such TomoCoin may be something you are interested in investing in.

There is no getting away from the fact that cryptocurrencies or all types are certainly going to be here for the long term, but ask yourself just what makes TomoCoin unique and whether you truly feel that it is going to be very warmly embraced by the cryptocurrency using community.

If you do think the people leading the team at TomoCoin do have the required skill and experience and you feel their whitepaper and roadmap is going to be easily achievable then it may just be an initial coin offering to consider taking part in, but just be aware of the risks in investing in such concepts, for there is no getting away from the simple fact that there are lots of similar ones available.

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