XYO Network

XYO Network

XYO Networks offers to solve the problem of location verification by creating a layered location verification using smart contract protocols

Token Sale ended
20 Apr, 2018
$1,130,000 (100%)

XYO Network Info

Token Type
Fundraising Goal:
$1,128,890 (100%)
1 XYO = 0.0159 USD (0.00003 ETH)
Total Tokens
Blockchain Services

Pros & Cons

  • Huge potential for ongoing growth
  • Roadmap is confidently structured
  • Large amount of interest from investors
  • Concept seems robust and easy to implement
  • Experienced team at the helm
  • Some rather large funding goals
  • May need extra time to develop concept
  • Not appealing to low risk investors
  • Large chance of volatility in token price
  • Time consuming project to develop and move forward


XYO Networks offers to solve the problem of location verification by creating a layered location verification using smart contract protocols


You there is lot of demand these days for location-based data, and there is without a shadow of a doubt a lot of small, medium and large companies that are actively seeking such data, which does make the XYO concept a very interesting one.

However, there is a lot of technical problems they will have to overcome by doing so, and with the very creative and experienced team they have in place, their project should be one that they can easily achieve when they do reach their funding goal.

It is whether people are prepared to fully embrace their project both during and after full launch that will determine if this is likely to be an initial coin offering that is going to bear fruit, but things are looking good with the progress they have made.

As the team and their technical abilities that will make all of the difference I would suggest that as part of your due diligence you do as much research on their team members as you can do, as that is an important aspect of this initial coin offering.



  • Arie Trouw (Founder & Architect)
  • Scott Scheper (Co-founder & Head of Marketing)
  • William Long (Head of Hardware)
  • Markus Levin (Co-founder & Head of Operations)
  • Christine Sako (Head of Analytics)
  • Johnny Kolasinski (Head of Media)


You are going to have to be quite a tech savvy investor to fully understand some of the projects that many initial coin offerings and token generation events are based around, and that is going to be the case for you to understand what XZO Token are offering.

As such if there are any doubts in your mind regarding their concept then you should either make the effort to fully understand their location data driven concept or look around for another initial coin offering to invest your funds in.

Whilst there is a good chance this ICO will produce some healthy returns for investors, there is bound to be a period of time needed for the concept to go through any teething problems, so if you are happy to wait for returns on your investment this is just as good as any investment to invest in.

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