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Awake Security – Numerous Bitcoin, Crypto Web Pages Used for Data Theft

An enormous worldwide spying and information theft campaign has put internet surfers at risk, with numerous Bitcoin and cryptocurrency related web pages involved in the scandal, as per research report from Awake Security.

At the core of the issue is a web domain registration firm named CommuniGal Communication (GalComm).

Awake has highlighted the following issue related to the GalComm firm:

“Of the 26,079 reachable domains registered through GalComm, 15,160 domains, or almost 60%, are malicious or suspicious.”

Even though the scandalous group utilizes multiple strategies, including malware, such initiatives escaped renowned security systems, thanks to several maneuvers, Awake wrote, providing a link to pretentious domains.

The detailed list displays several cryptocurrency and Bitcoin associated domains such as,,, and, among others.

The list even included and, although it is unknown if the two sites are involved with popular exchange Binance.

Awake also highlighted more than hundred instances of problems surrounding GalComm-associated malevolent Google Chrome extension, in a matter of three months.

In a blog post, Awake said “These extensions can take screenshots, read the clipboard, harvest credential tokens stored in cookies or parameters, grab user keystrokes (like passwords), etc.”

Awake issued the following statement:

“To date, there have been at least 32,962,951 downloads of these malicious extensions — and this only accounts for the extensions that were live in the Chrome Web Store as of May 2020.”

The group has seeped into almost all business sectors, from healthcare to oil, according to Awake. Since prohibition initiatives to limit Covid-19 began in mid-March, cybercrime has been on the rise.

During the US congressional hearing few weeks before, it was mentioned that cybercrime has increased by 75% since the outbreak of Covid-19.

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