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Kenya’s AfyaRekod Launches Blockchain Based Automated Portal for Health Data Mobility

AfyaRekod, a Kenyan health technology firm, has introduced an automated platform to transform patient care in Africa. Kenyan software company AfyaRekod launched the first automated Universal Patient Portal. The blockchain-based gateway will transform patient care in Africa and throughout the world. A unified platform gives patients and doctors real-time access to their health data and medical histories. This will provide appropriate medical treatment and fast emergency information access.

AfyaRekod is an Adanian Lab start-up funded by Mac Venture Capital and Next Chymia. John Kamara founded the firm. Kamara observed directly how the lack of medical records and static data may lead to bad medical care when a buddy died after obtaining the wrong medical treatment during an emergency. Kamara created an AI platform that can monitor health data that is available to individuals, medical professionals, providers, and organizations everywhere and at any time.

Medical records are vital for healthcare workers to maintain patients’ health. These data help them select the best effective therapy based on drugs, continuing problems, prior concerns, and procedures. A false diagnosis might delay true illness treatment. In the US, a country with a highly developed healthcare sector, there are 12 million inaccurate patient diagnoses per year, according to a 2015 Institute of Medicine report. Patients may prevent incorrect diagnosis using portable, up-to-date medical data.

Our team identified the gathering and storage of trustworthy data across all health infrastructure tiers as a major concern. The approach included real-time data access and medical data portability. Kamara says, “Our technology now allows patients to build a gateway with all of their health data, and it gives them sovereign control over their data. Once patient signs in, all of their healthcare provider interactions are gathered. Owning medical data and having real-time access to it may save patients’ lives, and it’s their legal right to do so.”

Due to the pandemic, access to health data and analytics is critical. This is a global problem, and AfyaRekod is striving to fix it. Thanks to a blockchain technology dubbed the Universal Patient Portal, patients have consistent access to their health information and a marketplace where a range of healthcare services may be obtained in real-time. Blockchain incorporates a mobile health data passport.

The AfyaRekod Universal Patient Portal allows patients to manage their own health records, such as health diaries, prescriptions, and hospital visit summaries. It also provides a secure, decentralized, intelligent telehealth solution, healthcare resources, symptom trackers, reminders and notifications, and record mobility across multiple channels and devices. Patients with chronic diseases, parents, pregnant women, and those with genetic problems should utilize these tools.

AfyaRekod offers doctors and other healthcare workers with an electronic health management system and digital tools to manage hospital services and clinics. The solution includes hospital administration, patient management, knowledge management, and inventory management, as well as an AI-driven reporting tool that helps companies make data-driven choices, anticipate illness, and detect early symptoms. On the portal, NGOs and similar organizations may register and manage beneficiary groups.

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