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Occam Finance to Unveil a “Liquidity Bridge” between Cardano & Ethereum

Mark Berger, President of Occam Association and founder of Scalable Solutions, has revealed additional info regarding the Cardano focused venture Occam Finance. Berger, in the show “Your Cardano Update” highlighted a portion of the plan and explained the advantage of Cardano over its competitors.

To begin with, Berger provided a short outline on the three products that will be offered on Cardano. They are OccamRazer – the launchpad and fundraising platform, OccamX – a decentralized exchange, cited by Berger as a “version 4” of Uniswap on “a better blockchain”, and OccamDAO with its OCC token.

OccamRazer’s objective is to “open up” the platform for distinct assets while OccamX will function as the main system for offering liquidity. To lure liquidity to the covenant, Occam Association has collaborated with centralized exchanges.

These will offer a “liquidity bridge” such that the OCC token can engage with Cardano and Ethereum. In that manner, users will be able to minimize costs and ultimately there will be chances to realize profit out of it, as per Berger.

Additionally, the bridge for the OCC token will permit it to have a huge likelihood of transforming into one of the initial Cardano compatible tokens to be made available for trading on exchanges.
Looking forward, the Occam Association and the Scalable Solutions group will join hands to guarantee that any token hosted on Cardano can utilize the liquidity bridge.

Therefore, Berger anticipates that there will be a higher demand, liquidity and simple access to Cardano based investment vehicles for users as such. Furthermore, Berger intends to develop a system for exchanges to reward users to retain their tokens on the platforms by giving extra rewards via Occam Finance.

Berger stated that they are creating a bot that will provide the option for users. Notably, in the form of bonus, Occam Finance users will be able to capitalize on several rewards offered for liquidity mining.

This will be instrumental in having an incentive for people to start using our DEX once it is launched.

Another objective is to complement Project Catalyst and its fund mobilization system. Notably, the Occam team said, Project Catalyst is not adequate to fulfill “the funding needs of enterprises, institutions, and professional startup teams building on Cardano.” Consequently, the team intends to set up a decentralized finance mobilization system for considerable “capital raises”.

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