BCH Can Now Be Traded Offline By Using Cointext’s Beta Platform March 29, 2018 March 29, 2018 Kate Leaman
NewsMarch 29, 2018 by Kate Leaman

BCH Can Now Be Traded Offline By Using Cointext’s Beta Platform

Bitcoin CashBitcoin Cash (BCH) is ranked as the fourth largest cryptocurrency based on market capitalization. While not as popular as Bitcoin (BTC), bitcoin cash is currently trading at around $824 and is widely used across the world. The massive drop in bitcoin’s value during the last three months has helped boost the popularity of bitcoin cash as investors look for a more stable cryptocurrency.

Cointext Launches Beta Testing Platform

Cointext is a company that allows users to trade with bitcoin cash offline. This means that Cointext users will not be required to connect to the internet in order to trade in bitcoin cash. The company announced the launch of its beta testing platform earlier this week which does not require its users to register themselves, download any software or be connected to the internet.

The Cointext platform leverages Short Message Service (SMS) protocol and allows users to use their mobile phones to trade with BCH. The beta version will allow users in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Sweden, South Africa, Switzerland and the Netherlands to trade in BCH.

In a statement, Vin Armani, the co-founder of of Cointext and CTO said

Cointext is the easiest and most powerful way to spread the use of Bitcoin Cash because it works with any type of mobile phone and you don’t need any knowledge of cryptocurrency to use it

Cointext Giving Away Free BCH As Part Of Launch Promo

Cointext also announced that it will be giving away free BCH to users who test trial the beta version. Bitcoin Cash was donated by the BCH community and Cointext is giving away $0.50 in BCH to new users as part of its beta testing launch promo. Users who want the free BCH will have to text message the word ‘CASH’ to the access number provided by Cointext.

So far over 2,000 people have signed up to try out the Cointext beta version. One of the main features of the beta version is that it looks to target developing nations were smartphone access is limited. The Cointext messaging platform will allow users to send BCH to users who have a feature phone (think Nokia).

Cointext is able to do this because the software platform does not hold on to any funds but instead processes all transactions via the bitcoin cash network on chain. Cointext will charge users a fee of $0.05 for each transaction.

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