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Blockchain Fintech Firm Hydrogen To Announce 30 Partners In 30 Days

Hydrogen, a blockchain financial startup, is planning to release details about its 30 new partners in 30 days i.e. one per day in the month of August. The company won the Fintech of the Year Award in Luxembourg, which is the Europe’s second-largest investment fund center.

On August 1, 2018, Hydrogen launched FINDI – Financial Industry Decentralization Initiative. The organization was created to act as an industry consortium and working group to “encourage and implement decentralization in financial services applications.”

The company has revealed the following partnerships so far

Member of Portugal Fintech

Hydrogen is planning to join as a member of Portugal Fintech Association.

About Portugal Fintech

The first non-profit financial technology association of the country has individuals and fintech companies as members.

Regarding the intention to join as a member, Hydrogen stated

“Portugal is an up and coming center for tech and innovation, we look forward to our next visit to Lisbon, Porto, and other beautiful parts of the country!”


The company plans to build dApps on Hydro protocols, including document management dApps for Hydro Ice and identity dApps for Hydro Snowflake. Ultimately, Blockmatics is planning to launch more than 100 DApps for HCDP, the Hydro Community Development Program.

The US-based blockchain consulting and education firm has offices in Denver and New York. They have made incredible contribution to blockchain development in NYC through the organization of meetings in Brooklyn’s Industry City. Blockmatics is delivering blockchain training and courseware across the world.

Regarding partnership with Blockmatics, Hydrogen said

“We hope to have the first dApp course complete in August, stay tuned for details.”


Hydrogen is planning to use QuikNode’s technology to scale its platform. Quicknode provides Ethereum nodes as a service, giving access to core infrastructure. This allows scalability of blockchain networks.

Regarding the partnership, Hydrogen said

“We look forward to a long-term relationship with QuikNode as the Hydro platform of protocols, libraries, apps, and dApps scales to tens of millions of users!”


The company provides insurance policies for property, health, life, and casualty. Additionally, it also offers reinsurance and commercial insurance, digital banking services, regulatory and compliance and operational excellence consulting to Hydrogen clients.

Synpulse, which serves some of the top companies in the world, has won numerous awards for providing quality consultancy service through its offices across the globe.
Commenting on the partnership, Hydrogen said

“They will help potential and current Hydrogen clients make strategic decisions.”


By integrating DriveWealth, Hydrogen aims to provide access to regulated US brokerage to its international clients.

DriveWealth is a US clearing firm providing access to the US financial markets. The company’s proprietary platform enables investors across the world to execute fractional-share orders. The platform makes investment in the US financial market affordable.

Regarding the partnership, Hydrogen commented

“Hydrogen will be integrating with DriveWealth to offer technology enhanced regulated U.S. brokerage and wealth infrastructure to our clients around the globe.”

About Hydrogen

The Hydrogen API was created to be an essential and light financial app building framework. The company aims to make it as the only platform required to build a complete fintech ecosystem. Hydrogen is led by its co-founder and CEO Michael Kane, and co-founder and CTO, Mathew Kane.

Hydrogen aims to create a worldwide ecosystem for better, fair, simple, transparent, and affordable financial products. The company wants to create a new digital economy that will bring fintech to the masses and empower them.

The platform offers the following capabilities

  • The Hydrogen Atom API platform – enables building fintech products “in minutes, not years.” The core digital infrastructure to build fintech applications is provided by the nucleus API. The Proton API provides the requisite financial engineering to power fintech apps. Finally, the Electron API offers functionality to grow and manage financial applications.
  • The Hydro fintech blockchain – includes several private financial systems that make optimum use of the public blockchain.
  • The Hydrogen Ion – the AI-driven machine learning models for any kind of data set.

Hydro Raindrop – It is a blockchain-based protocol facilitating multi-factor authentication, including but not limited to 2FA. It also enables secure client logins, remittances, and transactions.

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