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Fujitsu, IOTA Reveal New PoC for Manufacturing Industry

FujitsuBack in April, at the Hannover Messe event, Fujitsu’s German division displayed a proof of concept of IOTA implementation in industrial processes and explained how to record product quality in the production zone.

Yesterday, Fujitsu reaffirmed the partnership with IOTA, while explaining how the tangle technology based network can be used in the manufacturing industry for documentation activities.

Fujitsu’s main objective is to apply the tangle technology and ensure the originality of parts and administer supply chain in an effective manner. The new proof-of-concept revealed by Fujitsu yesterday through a tweet is for the audit trail technology. Theoretically, IOTA’s network would act as a tamper proof data storage medium that will capture audit trails in supply chain logistics and industrial production.

Per the note issued by Fujitsu, audit trails would assist in improving quality management as well as ensure product quality. The process will also enable documentation of security breaches, data tampering or other kinds of fraud on the tangle.

The project aims to position IOTA as a tamper proof data storage medium for the audit trail of an industrial production processes. Additionally, the project aims to bring together manufacturing and automotive industries in a joint venture between Fujitsu and IOTA.

The technology offers the following advantages:

  • Better transparency: Improves quality management, post-sales, and customer relationship procedures.
  • Increases “Trust in data”: This is ensured by IOTA’s cryptographically secure system for compliance audits.
  • Additional data security: All traditional issues such as data corruption, security vulnerabilities and fraud are prevented by the technology.

In April 2018, Fujitso published an elaborate post on why IOTA’s technology is one of the most notable in the blockchain industry. Fujitsu has listed five points to support in favor of IOTA:
Transaction rate: Unlike other blockchain networks, IOTA’s transaction speed increases with an increase in adoption.

  • Scalability: IOTA does not face any scalability issues. Scalability increases with an increase in transactions. Theoretically, transaction confirmation times should reach zero as users increase considerably.
  • Supports micropayments
  • Do not involve any kind of mining.
  • Verifiable security against manipulation: Fujitsu’s post argues that blockchain can avoid data manipulation, but cannot prove that no manipulation has taken place. As a result, industry faces legal uncertainty.

In its April post, Fujitsu mentioned that IOTA can assist in data verification in the future. The company stated that the easiest solution would be “if a company with high computing power, such as Fujitsu, acts as a trusted instance. The Trusted Instance keeps a copy of the Blockchain of the respective company and gets from it once the Basis Blockchain put – the so-called Genesis block.”

This means, all transactions would happen both in the corporate blockchain and in Fujitsu’s blockchain, which acts as the trusted instance. In case of an audit, there will be a need to only compare the two blockchains. As long as there are no discrepancies, it can be concluded that no manipulation has taken place.

“Fujitsu is well-equipped to introduce iota as the new protocol standard as we are experts in both it services and it product manufacturing.”

The company plans to expand identity and access management in partnership with IOTA by integrating tangle with Palm Vein Pattern Recognition Technology.

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