Smart Corelink Joins VeChain’s Strategic Partnership With Xiamen Innov April 14, 2018 April 14, 2018 David Nugent
NewsApril 14, 2018 by David Nugent

Smart Corelink Joins VeChain’s Strategic Partnership With Xiamen Innov

VeChain (VEN) announced that it is deepening its partnership with the public listed Chinese company, Xiamen Innov, a leader in RFID technology. The collaboration is strengthened by the arrival of Smart Corelink Co. 芯联 (CoreLink), a strategic partner of Aliyun, Alibaba’s global cloud computing subsidiary.

Back in December 2017, VeChain and Xiamen Innov Information Technology Co. LTD (Innov) announced their intentions to integrate VeChainThor technology in a broad range of solutions.

Now, the trio (VeChain, Xiamen & Smart Corelink) has successfully developed the initial version of an enterprise level, decentralized application (dApp) that utilizes blockchain, IoT, artificial intelligence, and cloud technologies. The dApp, christened as AssetLinkManager, enables enterprises to track inventories, physical assets and corresponding output data.

Xiamen Innov and Smart Corelink will provide services such as supply chain management, smart appliance solutions, and product lifespan analytic modules to customers until the release of mainnet. Additionally, solutions such as smart contract, transaction, subchain, and data aggregation management, and integration of Distributed Data Vending will also be offered to customers. Xiamen Innov and Corelink was able to quickly spot the competitive advantage offered by the dApp and are already experiencing positive results from the innovation.

Notably, the implementation of AssetLink by acclaimed Chinese service providers has paved way for VeChain to bring in several high-end enterprise users.

AssetLink is the first enterprise-grade supply chain management solution deployed on VeChain Thor. The developers have plans to market a multitude of solutions to enterprises in the months ahead.

About Smart Corelink

Smart Corelink offers hardware supply chain services, application software development services, cloud platform software services, cloud computing partners, and communications operator partners to their clients.

About Innov

Innov is one of the few premium high-end RFID developers that is publicly listed (NEEQ: 430525) from Xiamen. Innov serves as a diversified leading manufacturing company and specializes in research, production, and sales winning “Top 10 Most Influential IoT Project” by China IoT. Innov’s products include high-end flexible printed circuit boards, IC package substrates, unique electronic materials, RFID tags, RFID readers, radio frequency antennas, power adapters, and more. With already established partners such as Coca-Cola, Hyundai, Von Braun Labs, Samsung, Lenovo, Huawei, Coolpad, ZTE, APPLE, DELL, ASUS, VeChain was primed to integrate solutions that mattered for their end users.

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