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Blockchain Platform Zeebu Announces Strategic Alliances to Revolutionize Global Telecom Carrier Industry

Zeebu, a cutting-edge blockchain platform designed specifically for global telecom carrier enterprises, has recently announced significant strategic collaborations with Hayo Telecom Inc., Axistel FZE, and Qatama Ltd. These partnerships have allowed Zeebu to further enhance its groundbreaking telecom blockchain network, now comprising a total of seven prominent telecommunications providers.

Zeebu has developed a specialized blockchain solution that aims to tackle the distinct obstacles encountered by the telecom carrier industry. These challenges encompass security vulnerabilities, intricate cost structures involving intermediaries, and protracted delays in remittance processes. By utilizing Zeebu’s platform, telecom operators can take advantage of efficient global transactions and robust security measures, effectively mitigating cyberattacks and fraudulent activities.

Hayo Telecom, a renowned telecommunications company with a strong presence in Senegal, has recently partnered with Zeebu. This partnership is significant as Hayo Telecom holds esteemed international clearinghouse licenses in Ghana and Nigeria, positioning itself as a leading aggregator of both domestic and international traffic. By joining forces with Zeebu, Hayo Telecom is playing a crucial role in driving connectivity advancements across Africa.

Axistel FZE is a well-established telecommunications service provider that operates on a global scale. We specialize in offering a wide range of services, including Voice and SMS OTP HQ and CC, to both fixed and mobile carriers. Additionally, we cater to the needs of corporate clients. With our extensive network of over 170 direct interconnections worldwide, we ensure seamless and reliable communication solutions. Qatama is a company that focuses on international wholesale voice services. With a strong passion for the industry, Qatama offers specialized services that provide access to niche markets and profitable routes with high-profit margins. Additionally, Qatama offers value-added solutions such as managed NOC, fraud prevention, quick settlement, and cloud switching.

The growing ecosystem of Zeebu facilitates collaboration among prominent telecommunications industry leaders on a global scale, resulting in efficient and economical transaction settlements worldwide. Zeebu and its partners are strategically adopting blockchain technology to bring about a transformative impact in the telecom carrier industry. By leveraging this technology, they aim to provide an unparalleled level of security and establish a transaction infrastructure that incentivizes rewards, ultimately optimizing operational efficiency.

Raj Brahmbhatt, the Founder and CEO of Zeebu, conveyed his enthusiasm regarding the increasing number of partners within the company’s network. He emphasized the significance of Zeebu’s rapidly expanding network within the telecommunications industry. The Zeebu utility token (ZBU) serves as a valuable tool in enabling smooth cross-border transactions. It effectively simplifies processes and contributes to the overall profitability of various industries. Additionally, it promotes trust, transparency, and efficiency among all parties involved.

In addition to the telecommunications industry, Zeebu intends to expand its innovative solutions to other business-to-business sectors that encounter comparable difficulties concerning international remittances and limited profit margins. Zeebu leverages blockchain technology and smart contracts to establish a transaction ecosystem that is both trustless and transparent. This innovative approach brings significant benefits to telecom carriers and their partners.

Zeebu’s forward-thinking vision and strategic partnerships are poised to revolutionize the global telecom carrier industry, bringing about significant advancements in security, efficiency, and profitability for all stakeholders involved.

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