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CGI Federal and Partners Pioneering Metaverse Integration for the U.S. Marine Corps

CGI Federal has successfully concluded a real-time pilot within a planetary-scale Metaverse environment, in collaboration with the U.S. Marine Corps, marking a significant milestone in the convergence of digital technology and military operations. The pilot, executed in partnership with Microsoft and Battle Road Digital, involved the integration of the Marine Corps Platform Integration Center’s (MCPIC) logistics and asset management systems with digital twin technology.

Transforming Military Logistics and Training Through Digital Advancements

Horace Blackman, Senior Vice President of Defense, Intelligence, and Space at CGI, announced this achievement and highlighted its profound implications. He underscored the pilot’s potential to revolutionize the way defense units conduct training, devise strategies, and position themselves for future challenges. Blackman went on to emphasize that these capabilities could serve as a benchmark for various federal agencies seeking to enhance their operational efficiency.


Through the fusion of digital twins, which are virtual representations of real-world entities, with MCPIC technologies, the U.S. Marine Corps witnessed a notable enhancement in their capabilities. This included improved visualization, real-time monitoring, simulation, and predictive analytics.

A Leap into the Next Generation of Defense Operations

Colonel John Sattely, the commanding officer of Blount Island Command, lauded MCPIC’s existing role as a foundational element within global logistics and prepositioning operations. He highlighted that the recent technological advancements showcase MCPIC’s readiness to serve as a pivotal bridge into the next era of logistics and defense operations, spanning across the entire force.

The testing grounds for this transformative operation were the facilities at Blount Island, where the partnership between CGI, Microsoft, and Battle Road Digital demonstrated the tangible benefits of this endeavor.

Wes Anderson, Vice President of Defense at Microsoft Federal and a recipient of the prestigious Wash100 Award on three occasions, expressed his enthusiasm for the operation’s completion. He stressed the potential it holds for reshaping logistics operations and planning, not only for the Marine Corps but also beyond. This accomplishment underscored the potency of Microsoft Azure at the edge of innovation.

While the National Defense Strategy may not explicitly reference the Metaverse, as pointed out by Battle Road Digital CEO Josh Henderson, there is an undeniable and widespread demand for heightened, seamlessly integrated situational awareness. Henderson applauded the partnership between CGI and its collaborators for converting these capabilities into a tangible virtual reality today.

The application of digital twins within the realm of military services is highly versatile, offering a multitude of potential use cases. It showcases the Department of Defense’s commitment to harnessing emerging technologies to bolster its capabilities.

In summary, CGI Federal, in close collaboration with Microsoft and Battle Road Digital, has embarked on a pioneering journey that holds the promise of transforming military logistics and defense operations. By fusing Metaverse technology with the MCPIC systems, this initiative presents a new paradigm for military training, strategy development, and readiness for the future. It exemplifies the potential for advanced digital technologies to set new benchmarks, not only within the military but across various federal agencies, driving the evolution of defense in the digital age.

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