Bisonai partners Polygon Supernet to Offer Tailor Made Enterprise Level Web3 Infrastructure Solutions April 21, 2023 April 21, 2023 Kelly Cromley http://1AZFjzw2#Nwf63pYaMWq#xIY
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Bisonai partners Polygon Supernet to Offer Tailor Made Enterprise Level Web3 Infrastructure Solutions

Bisonai, a Singapore-based company that focuses on Web3 infrastructure, is working with Polygon Supernet, a blockchain creator who makes scaling solutions for Ethereum’s Layer 2. The goal of the partnership is to improve corporate blockchain solutions and give businesses all over the world, including those in Korea, flexible and adaptable Web3 infrastructure.

Businesses are using blockchain technology more and more, but they often run into problems with scaling and system needs. The partnership between Bisonai, a company that specializes in blockchain development and Web3 infrastructure, and Polygon, a company that offers scalable and customizable blockchain services, will make it easier for businesses in Korea, no matter how big or small, to use blockchain technology and take advantage of its benefits.

Blockchain networks that use traditional methods, like Ethereum, aren’t able to handle a lot of transactions at once. This means that transactions take longer to process and cost more. Also, building and maintaining a blockchain system can be a difficult and expensive process that requires specific technology skills and resources that some businesses may not have. Bisonai plans to use Polygon’s Supernet platform to offer blockchain solutions that are tailored to each client’s specific needs.We are very happy to say that Polygon will be working with us as a technology implementation partner for their Supernet project. Tae-goo Kim, who is the CEO of Bisonai, says that large global companies like Starbucks and Disney have already put the Supernet into place.

Supernet offers customization services that let businesses make their own coins or change the amount of gas fees. Kim said that their expertise in blockchain development and Web3 infrastructure, along with Polygon’s flexible and customizable blockchain services, will make it possible for businesses of all kinds to use blockchain technology to its full potential.

After recently getting startup money, Bisonai is quickly expanding its business into new areas by working with big names in the industry like Netmarble and Altava Group. As a technology execution partner of Polygon, Bisonai is well-equipped to provide businesses of all sizes with cutting-edge blockchain infrastructure for Web3.

Bisonai offers a variety of blockchain development services, such as the creation of smart contracts, decentralized applications (dApps), and blockchain development that is tailored to the needs of a specific business. Also, the company has a large and active group of coders and blockchain fans in Korea. The business also offers Web3 infrastructure solutions that make it easier for Korean businesses to create and run decentralized applications on the blockchain so they can focus on what they do best.

Through its Web3 Studio service, Bisonai can help people make decentralized applications and blockchain infrastructure. They form relationships with Web2 and Web3 businesses as well as Layer 1 organizations to give consulting services for development, product launch, and management that are designed to meet different needs. Their main areas of skill are the NFT smart contract, the NFT marketplace, the blockchain authority, the block viewer, and the non-custodial wallet.

In addition to the goods and services it sells, Bisonai also has a large group of blockchain fans and creators. The SeoulWeb3 group puts on events and meetings all the time to help people learn more about blockchain and work together.

Bisonai also provides Web3 with server services. The services listed above, which include node hosting, blockchain tracking, and network optimization, make it easier for businesses to build and run decentralized applications on the blockchain. By taking advantage of Bisonai’s expertise in Web3 infrastructure, businesses can focus on what they do best while taking advantage of the benefits of blockchain technology.

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