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Web3 Platform PlayMining Starts Accepting DEAPcoin ($DEP)

Digital Entertainment Asset (DEA), a Singapore-headquartered worldwide Web3 leisure firm and operator of the PlayMining GameFi platform, has introduced legal tender as a novel payment mechanism on the PlayMining platform. In addition to PayPal, credit card, and debit card transactions, the firm’s DEAPcoin token ($DEP) will now be handled.

Legal tender will be allowed for payments on the PlayMining NFT platform, including products purchased inside games like ‘JobTribes’ and other gaming on the platform. Nevertheless, this payment method is only applicable to ‘Official Store’ transactions. Players must proceed to use DEP to acquire ‘User’ items.

“The majority of NFT markets only allow payment in cryptocurrencies, which is a significant barrier for novice consumers uneducated about the crypto sector. This has slowed the adoption of blockchain gaming in some ways, according to Kozo Yamada, co-founder and co-CEO of DEA. “By introducing PayPal, credit, and debit card transactions, we can establish a setting where even individuals who are unfamiliar with blockchain games may quickly begin playing. This will assist DEA in expanding the Play and Earn (p2e) program and aid in GameFi’s widespread acceptance.

Job Tribes, Cookin’ Burger, Menya Dragon Ramen, Graffiti Racer, and Lucky Farmer are just a few of the Play and Earn (P&E) NFT games available on PlayMining. All games enable users to acquire DEP via gameplay, which can subsequently be exchanged on prominent cryptocurrency exchanges, invested on the PlayMining NFT marketplace, or repurchased via the DEA buyback plan. The market has official utility NFTs for utilization in PlayMining games, in addition to unique artwork NFTs from the designers of some of Japan’s most popular video game and anime franchises, such as Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, and Fairy Tail.

Additionally, the firm runs the PlayMining Verse metaverse program. Fujiwara Kamui Verse, a venture headed by famous manga artist Kamui Fujiwara, utilizes the PlayMining platform to co-create an epic comic book tale with the community. Fujiwara and his followers have collaborated to issue five tale acts and two Line stamp sets, as well as arrange physical and digital meeting events, because to the participatory aspect of the PlayMining Verse.

PlayMining is also actively working to extend the co-creative components of its platform via the development of PlayMining Lab, a space where a variety of innovative ventures and emerging technologies may be imagined, evaluated, and implemented in collaboration with the community. PlayMining Olympians, the initial PlayMining Lab project, will premiere shortly. In PlayMining Olympians, community members will pick the greatest players to compete in several tournaments on the PlayMining platform to determine the champion.

Almost precisely one year has passed since DEAPcoin was originally listed on the Japanese cryptocurrency asset market. This classification was a significant achievement for GameFi in Japan, since DEAPcoin was the initial P&E token to get formal permission from Japan’s Financial Service Agency.

In the next weeks, the DEA will conduct a “DEP Anniversary Festival” to mark this occasion. In addition to the previously described PlayMining Olympians launch, they are launching a number of activities during the festival, such as airdrops, discounts, and a revamped staking scheme.

Between January 25 and February 8, all purchasers of NFTs with valid cash will get DEP airdrops. Buyers will get an airdropped refund of 30% of the DEP price of the NFT and will also be placed into a lottery in which 50 winners will get prizes worth 1,000, 5,000, 10,000, 50,000, and 100,000 DEP, for a cumulative prize pool of 332,000 DEP. An additional 1 million DEP in prizes will be airdropped in increments of 10,000 DEP to 100 winners who tweet about the campaign using the hashtag #DEPAnnivFes.

Over the same time frame, the PlayMining NFT market is conducting a discount on JobTribes NFTs. Both brand-new and previously hard-to-find NFTs will be made available for purchase. A fresh 12-month staking program with a 15% APR will be introduced to the famous DEP Staking solution on the PlayMining NFT market.


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