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BlockGPT Unveils “Chat-to-Earn” to Train its Large Language Models

BlockGPT is introducing a novel AI service called “chat-to-earn,” which utilizes web3 and blockchain technology, as opposed to the prevalent generative AI powered by large language models (LLMs) like OpenAI’s ChatGPT. The company’s recent communication stated that their decentralized ecosystem will include more cryptocurrencies besides their official native token BGPT. AIBGPT will be distributed to BGPT holders through an airdrop. ChatGPT and BlockGPT have the same features, but BlockGPT is a chatbot that operates on a blockchain and is governed by tokens.

The founders of BlockGPT think that they can develop an LLM chatbot that feels more human than ChatGPT, but they will heavily depend on the input of their community members to achieve this goal. As mentioned before, BlockGPT (BGPT) will be utilized to activate the ecosystem. This token will encourage community members to provide the LLM with useful queries and data, which will promote engagement based on knowledge.

BlockGPT will follow decentralization principles such as transparency, security, and infinite potential since it is built on web3 technology. According to a BlockGPT spokesperson, they are introducing a chatbot platform that utilizes blockchain technology and is regulated by BGPT. Our platform aims to transform the way people communicate with AI chatbots by facilitating more natural and human-like dialogues. Community involvement and decision-making are made possible through the use of our platform’s BGPT governance token. The growth and success of the platform is expected.

BGPT and AIBGPT will exist together and work together to enhance the ecosystem. The governance token of the network is the former, while the airdropped AIBGPT is a meme coin that complements it. AIBGPT tokens that are not claimed will be eliminated and taken out of circulation. According to BlockGPT’s press release on Thursday, $AIBGPT aims to promote community involvement in the project’s governance and decision-making procedures.

PancakeSwap, a decentralized exchange that enables BEP-20 token trading, has implemented both BGPT and AIBGPT. It is expected that AIBGPT and BGPT values will be linked in a way that if BGPT successfully finishes the initial presale phase, AIBGPT will take on the price of $0.0000077, which is the minimum price in the first two stages of the presale. If the value of $AIBGPT increases significantly, holders have the option to exchange their $BGPT for $AIBGPT. Similarly, if the value of $BGPT increases significantly, holders can exchange their $AIBGPT for $BGPT. As per the press release, the economic model ensures that the prices of $AIBGPT and $BGPT are interconnected in a mutually supportive manner.

BlockGPT provides a reward system called “chat to earn” where users can engage in conversation sessions with the AI model and receive NFTs and other token prizes. The BlockGPT NFT serves as a distinct identifier and grants specific rights to BlockGPT in the web3 community. Ownership representation and access to network services and features are granted by the token, making it a crucial element for the community.

As per the whitepaper on the BlockGPT website, a minimum of six generative pre-trained transformer (GPT) models will be backed by the ecosystem, which will be trained using a proprietary dataset. According to a press release by the team, BlockGPT has the ability to obtain real-time data, crypto prices, latest news, and research to ensure it stays updated with precise information. This sets it apart from ChatGPT. ChatGPT’s functionality is restricted in the absence of internet connectivity and its knowledge on crypto and blockchain is based on a small fraction of the available data, which may result in providing incorrect details.

The whitepaper did not mention the corpus size or the number of parameters utilized for model training. Additionally, no technical AI specifications were given. The paper asserts that it was specifically trained to respond to queries related to blockchain. A vast dataset of information, resources, and research papers related to Blockchain was used to train BlockGPT. […] BlockGPT is now capable of comprehending and answering a wide range of inquiries related to Blockchain technology.

In the whitepaper, it was mentioned by the BlockGPT team that their model would enable the activation of “on-chain AI inference” through their AI Inference Engine. Additionally, they utilized the Synapse engine to create a dependable framework for constructing DApps and smart contracts that utilize AI technology. The emergence of BlockGPT aligns with a rise in artificial intelligence and digital tokens. Meme coins like Dogecoin (DOGE) and Pepe (PEPE), which are valued at $0.07, have been in the news lately. The rivalry among OpenAI’s ChatGPT, Google’s Bard, and other chatbot solutions has been a frequently discussed subject in the tech media.

The cryptocurrency ecosystem stands out by utilizing artificial intelligence to forecast cryptocurrency prices with a high level of accuracy similar to that of institutions. The AI ecosystem that is integrated is gaining momentum faster than expected, as its current pre-sale has raised over $908,000. Investors are still able to purchase $YPRED tokens at a discounted price of $0.07 as the presale moves into its fifth phase. By utilizing extensive datasets with diverse information, yPredict employs advanced financial forecasting models and measurements to create a level playing field for all competitors. In an attempt to enhance market visibility and user engagement, the team has introduced an AI Ambassador Program and established a strategic alliance. Early supporters who promote yPredict on social media are recognized and rewarded through the AI Ambassador Program.

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