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About Coin Miner

A group of cryptocurrency experts established Coin Miner in 2013. It is a mining operation that provides the opportunity to pursue activities related to eCommerce and cryptocurrency mining. CoinMiner has received a lot of positive feedback from its customers and has also been mentioned by major media houses such as CNN. On its website, it claims to be a global leader.

CoinMiner can be used by anybody who is capable of understanding its terms and conditions. Users have to have completed 18 years and should be able to accept the company’s terms and conditions.

Purchasing Products

Cryptocurrency miners can use the search field to find products of their choice. They simply have to enter the relevant keyword into the search field and hit enter.

Alternatively, they can shop by categories such as Scrypt ASIC, Bitcoin (SHA) ASIC, Ethereum GPU Mining, Trezor Hardware Wallet, Video Cards, Power Supplies, Cables, Hosting, MISC, and Cooling.

If any product is out of stock, it will be labelled out of stock. If it is available, miners can view the price and a brief description of the product before hitting the Buy Now option. Miners who would like to discuss a product before purchasing it can launch the live chat window at the bottom right of the Coin Miner website. Customer support agents are available round the clock to help miners choose and purchase products.

Accepted Payment Methods at Coin Miner

At the time of writing, CoinMiner accepts payments in Dash, US Dollars, Litecoin, and BTC. If users want to pay in US Dollars, they can make a payment through Wire Transfer.

When users choose a preferred payment method and place their order, the company will send them an invoice, which includes instructions of how to make the payment. If users want to pay in cryptocurrencies, the company will generate a QR code for them.

The company expects to receive all wire transfer payments in three working days of invoice generation. In case of cryptocurrency payments, the company wants to receive and confirm the payment within an hour of invoice generation. If the transaction is not confirmed within 60 minutes, the order will be cancelled and the invoice will be nullified because of the volatility of cryptocurrencies and the fact that exchange rates fluctuate a lot.

When the payment is successfully made, the company will confirm the order and send a confirmation email to customers.

Shipping Information

According to the terms and conditions page at the Coin Miner website, users have to bear all the shipping and related costs. Coin Miner will ship its products through its preferred carrier as far as possible. The company cannot guarantee that the product will reach within a particular date as the estimated date of delivery may change because of unforeseen circumstances.

When users receive the product or service they had ordered from Coin Miner, they have to inspect it carefully and notify the company of any material defects within 24 hours of receiving the product. The company does not consider as defects any excessive noise produced by the goods, cosmetic defects, heat produced while using the product, the amount of electricity it consumers, and the lack of profitability of the products.

In case of defects, the user will have to return the defective product according to the return or replacement policies of its manufacturer. The user has to get replacement or refund from the manufacturer of the product, not CoinMiner as CoinMiner is not obliged to return or replace defective products or deal with manufacturers regarding defective products.

If the user fails to notify Coin Miner that the received product is defective within 24 hours of receiving it, Coin Miner will consider that the user has acknowledged that he/she has received the products in an acceptable condition. If the user claims that the products are defective after 24 hours of receiving it, the company will not accept the claim.

If the user refuses to receive the product delivered by Coin Miner, the company is free to use any of the remedies suggested by the laws of Ohio. The company is not obliged to either resell or hold products that the user failed to receive.

Although deals with used products, it does not offer any warranty on such products. Warranty is available only on such products that CoinMiner sells on its website in collaboration with the manufacturers of those products.

Users have to make sure that they not only receive, but also carefully read and understand the manufacturers’ warranty policy for each product. At the time of writing, Coin Miner ships products through USPS or UPS only to customers who reside in the United States of America. Non-US users cannot receive any products from

Refund Policy

Users can claim refunds only if the product is defective or not shipped in an acceptable manner. CoinMiner does not issue any refunds or replacement.  If they receive a faulty product, users have to deal directly with the manufactures.

For this reason, users have to read the replacement or refund policy of the manufacturer carefully as this is the only way they can take legal action against the manufacturer or retrieve their property or money if they are not happy with the product they received.

In case a user is eligible to receive a refund, he/she will receive it in US Dollars according to the exchange rates at the time the product was sold.

Customer Support

Customers can use the following methods to get in touch with a customer care representative:

Contact Details

Address: Coin Miner, LLC, C/o Highland Park Service Corp., 28601 Chagrin Blvd., Suite 500, Cleveland, Ohio 44122

Telephone: (216) 831 – 0042

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