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The entrepreneurs behind Panda Miner decided to name their offerings in honour of the Panda because it is the national animal of China. The company’s objective is to provide high-quality mining services so that its customers treasure it just as the Chinese treasure pandas. The team behind Panda Miner includes individuals qualified in the fields of graphic card, microchip design, capital management, and internet commerce.

Panda Miner was launched in 2016 and has its headquarters in Shenzhen. The company makes use of production resources and highly qualified professionals and strives to become a leader in cryptocurrency mining.

The company invites those interested in making big orders to send it an email at so that they can receive a discount. The company also invites distributors to get on board and provide their best GPU mining devices.

Specialist in GPU Integrated Miner

Panda Miner is a specialist in manufacturing GPU integrated miners, which provide hashing algorithm solutions for multiple cryptocurrencies. The company is the first professional manufacturer of GPU integrated miners in the world. In addition, it manufactures and delivers hardware devices at the global level. While it expands in the area of cryptocurrency mining, the company hires qualified individuals to develop GPU integrated miners.

A GPU integrated miner is an altcoin and bitcoin mining device that supports multiple hashing algorithms. It comprises graphics cards of high configuration, professional rack, highly compatible case, and other optimized accessories for high mining efficiency. Panda Miner’s GPU integrated miner is highly flexible and can be used in multi-hashing algorithm mining. This procedure gives many more options for the mining of various cryptocurrencies.

Panda Miner Hosting Services

If you purchase Panda Miner B3 Plus and select hosting service, your product will operate in Panda Miner’s mining farms. Panda Miner’s support team will then maintain it round the clock. For these services, you will have to pay an electricity fee of 0.65 RMB/kWh, but the maintenance fee will be zero. The company will send you the electricity bill the following month. After you pay the entire amount for your order, you will have to provide the following information to Panda Miner:

  • Your wallet address
  • Mining pool
  • Cryptocurrency you would like to mine

The PandaMiner B3 Plus you purchased will start working within five days of delivery. You can use your mining pool link to check your mining income and hashpower. In case of problems, you can always get in touch with Panda Miner’s customer care representatives.

If you want hosting services along with a miner, here are the steps to follow:

Step #1: Select the option “hosting service” while ordering your miner and complete the payment.

Step #2: The company will deliver your miner to its mining farm.

Step #3: Your miner will be deployed in real-time and in a professional manner as soon as it arrives.

Step #4: You can start mining your cryptocurrencies right away.

How to Make Payments

Panda Miner accepts payments through CNY Bank Transfer and Bitcoin from the residents of China. All the products are bought and sold in US dollars, which will then be converted into bitcoins. If customers prefer to pay in bitcoins, they have to wait for six confirmations before Panda Miner receives the payments. If they decide to pay through CNY Bank Transfer, they have to send copies of a screenshot of the transfer, their bank account details, their registered name and address, order number, and transferred amount to As soon as the company receives these details, it will confirm the payment and send the customer a confirmation email.

Discount coupons are always available. If customers get hold of a discount coupon, they should read its terms and conditions carefully as discount coupons cannot always be used. Some of them can be used only under certain circumstances.

Shipment and Refund

Since Panda Miner is still in a pre-order stage, it cannot state the exact date on which an order will be shipped. However, the company promises that it will start deciding shipping priority once its factories start manufacturing the miners 24/7. Panda Miner’s assembly line is located at Shenzhen in China. It uses DHL to make deliveries throughout the world. Customers who have special requirements must contact Panda Miner’s customer support well in advance.

If a customer receives a damaged or defective machine, he/she should immediately take a picture of it. The company will confirm the damage and arrange for a new miner to be shipped as soon as the customer sends back the damaged or defective one. This time, Panda Miner will pay the shipping fee.

Customers cannot return the products and request refund. However, Panda Miner provides a warranty of one month, which customers can take advantage of if their miner stops functioning. In case of warranties, customers have to bear the shipping costs. The company takes up to three days to refund in bitcoins. To do so, the company will first convert the USDs paid by the customer into bitcoins according the exchange rate at the time of the sale.

If the miner refuses to work and customers need technical assistance, they can send an email to

Getting Help

Panda Miner has a help center, which includes a search bar and the option to submit a request. Customers can just type in their questions in the search bar and hit enter to get answers to their questions. Alternatively, they can call or send an email to the above-mentioned email address.

Panda Miner says on its FAQ page that it plans to start real-time online services in the near future.

Contact Details

Telephone Number: +86 755 8670 7660; Call the company from Monday to Friday between the hours of 10:00 and 12:00, 14:00 and 18:00 UTC+8)


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