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  • 100% uptime and stable hashpower
  • Partnered with industry leader BitFury
  • Coins instantly deposited to user accounts
  • Mining is 100% legitimate
  • High-end equipment used for max efficiency
  • Services available in multiple languages such as Chinese, English, Spanish, Indonesian, Japanese, Russian, Vietnamese, and Thai


Hashing24 was created in 2012 for individuals who wanted to get started with bitcoin mining, but couldn’t figure out how. The company feels that bitcoin mining shouldn’t be the domain of a select few. It wants everybody to benefit and enjoy access to the latest technologies and sophisticated data centers that are compatible with mobile devices as well as laptops.

The following are the key features of Hashing24:

  • Continuously monitors the latest innovations and implements them for the benefit of users
  • Partners with reliable companies to get the best data centers and equipment
  • Provides warranties for equipment and maintenance of equipment
  • Evaluates new partners so that users’ enjoy the best performance, capacity, and speed

Hashing24 doesn’t work alone, but in collaboration with several mining companies. One of its first suppliers of mining power, BitFury, is one of the lead players in the industry today.

Advantages of Using Hashing24

According to the official website of Hashing24, the following are the advantages of using its services:

Start Mining in 5 Minutes: It doesn’t matter if you have never mined bitcoins before. Hashing24 can help you get started in just five minutes because it has partnered with companies that have already done the ground work. Getting started at Hashing24 is as easy as selecting a plan, making a payment, and collecting freshly mined bitcoins.

Best Technology: As part of Hashing24, users gain access to the latest and best technologies, the latest equipment, and sophisticated data centers.

Maintains Hardware for Users: Users can simply focus on mining as Hashing24 handles maintenance, equipment, power outages, bad weather, and other obstacles to successful mining. The company also compensates users with bitcoins in case there is a data center downtime.

Affordable Rates: The mining services at Hashing24 are affordable. If users are interested in large contracts, they can avail of attractive discounts.

Premium Custom Contracts: The company has special offers for users who would like to rent bitcoin mining equipment for over 1 PH/s. Those interested have to send an email to sales@hashing24.com.

How Hashing24 Works

Hashing24 works in six simple steps, as follows:

Register an account: The first step is to register a new account at Hashing24. It takes just two minutes.

Select Hashpower: While choosing hashpower, users should remember that they must select more hashpower if they want more bitcoins.

Make Payments: Since the new user has now gotten into a contract with Hashing24, he/she must pay for it.

Order Sent to Data Centers: The user’s contract is now sent to sophisticated data centers in Europe. These data centers belong to BitFury, a partner of Hashing24.

Mining Begins: The company starts mining bitcoins using sophisticated equipment with 100 percent uptime.

Get Rewards: Users will now receive their mined bitcoins every day, and they can withdraw their bitcoins immediately.

Hashing24 Partners

Hashing24 offers its services to all mining companies. Any company that is interested in selling its mining capacities can partner with Hashing24, provided it meets the following requirements:

  • Mining capacity should be at least 10 PH/s.
  • Company should either operate on its own or have long-term partnership deals with reputed data centers.
  • Company should guarantee Hashing24 customers compensation for downtime and stable payouts

So far, Hashing24 has partnered with the following companies:

  • BitFury
  • Ecommpay
  • CardPay
  • Visa
  • MasterCard


Hashing24 does not ask users to choose an existing plan. Instead, they can customize a plan that best suits their requirements and then pay for it. To customize a plan, they have to use Hashing24’s Auction. They just have to load their account using credit/debit cards, make a winning bid, and receive their new contract.

Hashing24 Auction comes with the following advantages:

  • All participants of the auction are verified users of Hashing24.
  • You can set your price and deadlines.
  • You can choose from a wide range of options.
  • Transfer of lots and payments for the same are made immediately after the auction.
  • All transactions at the auction are simple and transparent.

Hashing24 FAQs

Q1: How exactly does my contract work at Hashing24?

A: Once Hashing24 has received your payment, the company will update your profile and add your contract to its system.

Each order comprises two parts—a maintenance fee for power supply and maintenance of equipment and a one-time fee for power allocation

The company deducts the above cost directly from the bitcoins added to your account.

Q2: How do I profit from Hashing24?

A: Your profits depend upon factors such as type of blocks mined, block reward, and difficulty level. Usually Hashing24 pays out according to the hashrate of its network. The official website of Hashing24 includes a Calculator that can help users calculate their earnings.

Q3: What does Hashing24’s maintenance fee cover?

A: The maintenance fee that you pay covers maintenance work, hosting services, electricity costs, and cooling systems.

Customer Support

Users who have questions or need help can contact Hashing24 any time of the day or night. They can use one of the following methods:

  • Use the online contact form to get a response within 24 hours
  • Launch the live chat window to interact with a customer care representative instantly

Contact Details


Postal Address: 272 Bath Street, Glasgow, G2 4JR

Phone: +44 141 536 0163

Email Address: headquarter@hashing24.com



Phone: +66 60 002 4027

Email Address: thailand@hashing24.com



Phone: +380 44 290 8495

Email Address: ukraine@hashing24.com

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