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HydroMiner Selling Points

Eco-friendly: HydroMiner uses hydropower, which is one of the most efficient and environment friendly ways to produce electricity.

Profitable: The company continuously optimizes its strategies and mining equipment to become one of the most profitable in the industry.

Customer Friendly: The company has its offices in Vienna, Austria and regularly conducts guided tours and open hours.

Cost Effective: HydroMiner places its mining equipment in hydro power stations in the Alps, which gives it access to energy prices that are up to 85% lower than the average energy prices across Europe.


HydroMiner has attracted a lot of attention from the cryptocurrency community because it exclusively uses energy obtained from water. This cryptocurrency mining firm gets its energy from hydro power stations located in Europe’s Alpine region and claims that its electricity bill is 85% lesser than the average power bills across Europe.

On its official website, Hydro Miner has expressed plans to support multiple cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and others. The company also takes into consideration a variety of factors such as liquidity and payouts while using mining pools.

Hydro Miner specializes in constructing mining rigs. Whenever possible, the company builds its mining equipment inside sea freight containers that can be easily assembled near its headquarters in Vienna and then transported to hydro power stations. Hydro Miner also uses proven methods to equip containers with mining equipment with effective ventilation and cooling facilities. These containers can be easily and quickly transported whenever the need arises, after considering factors such as water level and maintenance.

At the time of writing, Hydro Power has two fully operational hydro power stations at Murau in Styria and at Schonberg in Lower Austria.

Hydro Miner ICO

Hydro Miner kick started its operation with an initial coin offering (ICO). The company plans to use the funds raised during the ICO for the equipment of additional hydro power stations in the Alpine region.

According to the Hydro Miner roadmap, which is available on its official website, its presale held on September 25, 2017 was sold out in just 36 minutes. On October 18, 2017, the company held its token sale. The company launched its mining contracts in early 2018.

HydroMiner’s H2O Tokens

HydroMiner’s H2O token is an Ethereum token with a proprietary smart contract that has been reviewed by two independent consultants. Holders of the tokens will receive their mining rewards in Ether coins. The company calculates these rewards on the basis of current cryptocurrency exchange rate.

H2O tokens give investors the opportunity to take part in mining profits, throwing open to many people that part of the cryptocurrency market very few could access in the past. Investors can transfer their tokens to any wallet that supports Ether, such as imToken, Mist, and MyEtherWallet.

Investors can purchase H2O tokens through traditional currencies or Ethereum. The capital Hydro Miner raised will be used to fund business functions such as hardware (55%), operations (15%), marketing (4%), ICO costs (10%), legal (1%), and BNT reserve fund (1%).

H2O token holders can exchange them for mining time at Hydro Miner from February 2018. All mining contracts at Hydro Miner will be on the basis of KwH and calculations will be done according to power consumed.

Mining Packages

Hydro Miner plans to launch the following packages, each of which will be valid for two years—Ethereum, Bitcoin, ZEC, and Basket of Altcoins.

Before exchanging their H2O coins for mining time, token holders must register on the HydroMiner platform. Each token can then be exchanged for a particular slot of mining time, which corresponds to a particular amount of energy consumed. Once the H2O tokens are exhausted, users can continue using HydroMiner’s mining farms for any cryptocurrency that the platform supports.

Hydro Miner Team

Nadine Damblon and her sister Nicole Damblon are the ones heading the operations at Hydro Miner. The sisters started cryptomining in the year 2014 and moved to Vienna, Austria to establish Hydro Miner two years later.

The sisters enjoy the support and services of leading experts from the areas of network infrastructure, hardware supply, blockchain technology, sales and informatics, and cooling technology. The Hydro Miner team also includes eight advisors, including fund managers and ICO experts.


A fully equipped mining container can cost anywhere in the range of $350,000 to $650,000. The exact cost depends on the cooling technology the equipment implements and the hardware it uses.

Hydro Miner prices its products and services after taking into consideration the exact amount of energy consumed while mining. The company also makes sure that it uses energy efficiently to earn the biggest profits from mining.

According to the company, this approach gives more value for money than the widely followed method of charging for hashrate because network power is increasing at a rapid pace and profits based on hashrate can reduce fast.


Hydro Miner is not more than a year old, but it has already captured the interest of the cryptocurrency world because it is using only energy created through water power. Everybody is aware of the fact that the cheapest way to produce electricity is by harnessing the power of water.

In addition, the company follows a simple business model, which includes identifying and leasing hydro power stations, ordering mining equipment and assembling it in containers, earning mining profits, and maintaining and renewing the hardware.

The company has promised returns to its investors in eight months if the investment is done during the first week of its initial coin offering. Investors will receive their returns every month through smart contracts to their Ethereum address.

Customer Support

Miners and investors who want to contact customer care can use the online contact form on the Hydro Miner website.

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