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Mining Fit, an organization of qualified individuals from several fields, believes that Bitcoin has a bright future. The Mining Fit team has created a number of bitcoin mining farms and wants to reach out to common people. Anybody can join Mining Fit to explore the unlimited scope of cryptocurrencies, mine bitcoins, and earn money. Mining Fit’s philosophy is that of digitalizing revenue securely.

Advantages of Mining at Mining Fit:

The Mining Fit website says that there are four advantages to mining with them, and here are those four advantages:

Sophisticated technology: The company uses the latest technology in its mining farms. As a result, they are capable of high speed and 100% security for all transactions.

Data Centers: Mining Fit plans to have data centers in several parts of the world so that it can meet the growing needs of its data miners.

Packages: Users can choose from three plans, each of which comes with its own benefits and returns.

Get Started Quickly: Users gain quick access to their dashboard so that they can subscribe to one or more plans and get started right away.

How to Use Mining Fit

The first step is to register a new account at Mining Fit. Once they have registered, users can choose from three subscription plans—Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Users are free to subscribe to multiple plans if they wish. The Bronze plan costs 0.01BTC, the Silver plan costs 0.1BTC, and the Gold plan costs 1.0BTC. You can rest assured that each of these plans come with zero risks.

All the three plans have the following advantages:

  • Mining Fit purchases and sets up hardware
  • 5% to 1% returns every day
  • 5% to 365% returns every year

In addition, they have the following unique advantages:

Bronze Plan

  • 5% referral commission
  • Up to 5 TH/s mining power

Silver Plan

  • 5% referral commission
  • Up to 50 TH/s mining power

Gold Plan

  • 10% referral commission
  • Up to 500 TH/s

Once you have purchased a subscription plan, you have enabled Mining Fit to invest your money in its mining farms. Mining Fit will now purchase and set up the hardware required to mine bitcoins. The company will also handle the cost of maintaining the equipment.

When Mining Fit starts mining bitcoins for you, you will get back your investment according to the plan you purchased. This is anything between 0.5% and 1% everyday for a year. Since Mining Fit accepts payments in bitcoins, it will credit returns in bitcoins. You can use your returns to purchase more plans or make a profit by selling your bitcoins.

Mining Fit uses Application Specific Integrated Circuit Chips (ASICs) to mine bitcoins. ASICs are capable of solving the cryptographic problems required to create blocks on the Bitcoin blockchain faster. Also, they do not require as much electricity as older bitcoin mining hardware such as FPGAs, GPUs, or CPUs do.

Positive Customer Feedback

Users appear to be happy with the mining services offered at Mining Fit. A user says that she has been at Mining Fit for the past three months and only has good words for them. She has purchased four silver plans and 14 bronze plans so far and has made quite a profit at Mining Fit. Another user says that he has been using the Mining Fit platform for the past 8 months. He has invested 3.3BTC and earned more than 7BTC. He says that the company has been giving regular returns and is one of the top service providers in the field of bitcoin mining.

Mining Fit FAQs

Q1: Do I have to pay taxes on my Mining Fit earnings?

A: Since Mining Fit is not concerned with taxes, it is the user’s duty to study the tax laws in his/her country and declare his/her bitcoin earnings if required. In its terms and conditions page, Mining Fit says that it is not responsible for determining whether any taxes apply to users’ services or transactions. Mining Fit is also not responsible for withholding, reporting, collecting or remitting taxes associated with users’ services or transactions.

Q2: Do Mining Fit services include a wallet?

A: Yes. As soon as you create a Mining Fit account, you will automatically receive your Mining Fit wallet. The company generates wallets for all its account holders.

Q3: How do I withdraw my earnings?

A: Mining Fit allows users to withdraw a minimum of 0.01 from their accounts. The amount will be credited to the user’s Mining Fit wallet within 24 hours. Later, it can be withdrawn to the user’s external wallet.

Q4: Is Mining Fit secure?

A: Mining Fit implements security measures to safeguard users’ privacy and security. Users’ private information is not revealed or sold to third parties. The company has a sound privacy policy, which prevents it from misusing user information in any way.

Q5: How can I close my account at Mining Fit?

A: If you want to close your account for any reason, you only have to send an email to You should, however, note that Mining Fit will continue to hold your information even if you close your account.

Customer Support

The customer support team at Mining Fit is always ready to assist customers. If users cannot find the information they are looking for on the website or the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page, they can contact customer care through the following methods:

  • Online contact form
  • Email to or
  • Interact with the staff on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr, and YouTube

Contact Details

Social Media: Social media accounts at Facebook, Whatsapp, Pinterest, YouTube, and Twitter

Email Address:,,

Physical Address: 515, Thorvald Meyers Gate 30, 0555 Oslo, Norway

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