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The major focus of Nuvoo Mining is to provide cost-effective solutions to cryptocurrency professionals and amateurs. The company functions according to the philosophy of enrolling top people in the world of cryptocurrencies so that they can participate actively in the community. The company has its offices at Quebec in Canada and its services are available to community members 24/7. Nuvoo services include technical support in French, which is an exclusive service in the cryptocurrency mining industry.

Nuvoo has designed its services so that beginners can easily take their first step in the world of cryptocurrency mining. At the same time, the system is not meant for beginners alone, but also for seasoned miners.

The company has a number of altcoins and bitcoin mining farms, but doesn’t reveal details of the same for purposes of security. According to the company’s official website, they can install video cameras only in non-critical locations and they do not do so without revealing sensitive data.

How Mining Works at Nuvoo

Users can mine a variety of altcoins and bitcoins either directly or through the company’s “advanced control desk.” The system assigns all algorithms to bitcoins, so users will receive their payments in bitcoins.

For example, if users use algorithm X11 to extract a coin, they will receive their payments in bitcoins. Users can do this by using algorithms to mine profitable altcoins that can be immediately exchanged to bitcoins. This makes the Nuvoo system a cost-effective method of extracting a wide range of coins. The company calls it “extracting bitcoins in an intelligent way.” They can use the same method to mine Litecoins with SHA256 contracts and so on.

On the other hand, if a miner mines only one coin and no other coins, the procedure is called normal pool mining. On the other hand, multicurrency mining requires switching from one coin to the other depending on how profitable they are. The algorithm will test the coin’s blockchain for difficulty and its market price to find out exactly how profitable it is. Then it will redirect the miners based on this information.

In addition, the Nuvoo platform makes use of sophisticated trading engines that permit the trading of mined coins. Since the company’s team of experts spend a lot of time and effort in creating its algorithmic trading engine, users can just relax. They can rest assured that the company can handle everything for them.

The duration of user contracts depends on three factors—level of difficulty, maintenance costs, and the value of bitcoins in US dollars. Maintenance costs include cooling costs, electricity costs, and development costs. The company has no control over the volatile nature of bitcoins and the level of difficulty in the bitcoin blockchain. However, it utilizes the best cryptocurrency mining technology to give users value for their money.

If a user contract turns out to be unprofitable, or in other words, if a user contract doesn’t generate enough profits to cover the company’s maintenance costs, the company will not be able to credit payments to users’ accounts. But the contract will remain valid for 60 days. The company will continue to meet maintenance costs in hopes that the contract will once again become profitable. Contracts can become profitable only if the value of Bitcoin shoots up or the difficulty of the Bitcoin blockchain decreases.

In case the contract fails to become profitable within 60 days, it will be terminated because mining machinery requires a lot of air conditioning, accommodation costs, maintenance costs, and electricity. The company notifies the user in case their contract gets affected in such a manner.

How Much It Costs

The maintenance fee that the company charges includes costs related to cooling, maintenance, hosting, and electricity. It is applicable to SHA256 contracts. The company calculates the maintenance fees per GH/s and deducts it from users’ accounts every day. If users read their contracts, they will come to know details of the maintenance fees, which will impact their mining income directly.

Nuvoo Mining receives payment from its customers through methods such as credit cards, wire transfer, and bitcoins. If users choose to pay deposit through credit cards, they can deposit a minimum of $100 to a maximum of $1000. Some banks may charge extra fees from customers who use their credit cards to purchase cloud mining services or bitcoins.

Users have many cloud mining packages to choose from at Nuvoo Mining. Each package has different features. While the Starter Plan costs $225, the Royal Plan costs $54,000.

Each package has the following features to offer:

Climate Control: The climate in Quebec, Canada is perfect for mining, and this helps the company save energy in a big way.

Security: Users are granted access to a highly secure web panel dashboard through which they can manage their accounts at Nuvoo.

Webcam Access: All users are granted access to Nuvoo’s webcam security system.

Inexpensive Electricity: In Quebec, electricity is not only 100% green, but also affordable.

Customer Support

Nuvoo Mining gives top priority to customer support and encourages customers to contact a customer support agent any time of the day or night. Customers can use the following methods to contact customer care:

  • Send an email to
  • Launch the live chat window to get in touch with a customer care agent immediately
  • Call the number 1 (855) 266-6668

Contact Details

Physical Address #1: Nuvoo TM | G.O. GREAT OFFERS DIRECT LTD

  1. Lordos Center, Bloc B second floor, office 203, Limassol, 3015, Cyprus


2828 Boulevard Laurier, tour 1, 7e étage Québec City, Quebec G1V 0B9

Telephone Numbers: 1 (855) 266-6668, 1 (450) 390-2086

Email Address:,

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