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WageCan – Parent Company of HashCan  

Headquartered in Taiwan, WageCan is the parent company of HashCan, a provider of cloud mining services. A provider of debit cards for blockchain assets through mobile and web apps, WageCan was launched in 2014. The company’s objective is to establish a connection between the physical world and the virtual world. Holders of the WageCan Card can use it not only for shopping, but also for exchanging cryptocurrencies to fiat currencies.

WageCan addresses the needs of people who are finding it difficult to spend their cryptocurrencies in the physical world. At present, exchanges work in collaboration with banks, but these are limited to geographical locations. WageCan is available to people from different parts of the world and allows easy and fast access to traditional currencies.

More about the WageCan Card

The WageCan Card is available in over 100 countries and 30 million ATMs at affordable rates. Each card is associated with an address for cryptocurrencies.

Users of WageCan enjoy a wide range of advantages such as support for multiple currencies, international shipping, and zero activation fees. The WageCan Card has been designed especially for miners, international workers, freelancers, merchants, and bloggers, who get paid for their work from international clients. These people can enjoy the benefits of low exchange rates, low fees, bonuses for online shoppers, easy top-ups. Since it is a MasterCard, it can be used at any merchant website that accepts MasterCard.

Here are some of the best features of the WageCan MasterCard:

Application Procedure is Simple: Consumers don’t have to go through a credit check while applying for the debit card. The card comes with support for multi currencies and nationalities.

Easy to Top Up: Since your card is associated with a blockchain address, you can easily top it through mobile or web apps.

Can be Used for Spending: Card holders can spend their money at point of sale machines all over the world. In addition, WageCan offers a cloud mining service called HashCan and permits online shopping.

Benefits: Card holders stand the opportunity to have their wage increased, select miner preferred cards, and collect daily bonuses.

Great Travel Card: The WageCan Card can be used at 30 million ATMs scattered around 210 countries. Card holders can make withdrawals in local currencies. Since it is a MasterCard, it can be used at any location that accepts MasterCard.

Multi Card Option: Consumers can apply for multiple WageCan Card, and online shoppers can obtain a virtual card just for online spending.

How to Use the WageCan Card

Using the WageCan Card is very simple:

  • Put your signature across the back of your WageCan card.
  • Activate your card and recharge it by logging into your WageCan account.
  • Use your card to shop online.
  • Check the balance and withdraw your money at any ATM in the world.

HashCan – WageCan’s Cloud Mining Services

HashCan is WageCan’s cloud mining service. Users only have to purchase as much has power as they wish and the company will handle the actual mining of the coins.

There is a difference between mining cryptocurrencies on your own or doing it through HashCan. If you choose to do it yourself, you have to handle issues such as rent, electricity, cooling, hardware, and customs cost. If you let HashCan do it for you, you just have to pay a one-time fee. HashCan will take care of all the rest and deduct maintenance fees from your account. If you do it yourself, you will have to take care of all the maintenance. If you leave it to HashCan, there are pros who will handle the maintenance every day.

HashCan Pricing

Miners can either choose from a predefined plan or customize their cloud mining plan. HashCan offers Lite, Jet, and Rocket plans, all of which are open-ended contracts with maintenance fees. Here are the features of each of these plans:

Lite Plan

  • $1.2 per GH/s
  • 400 GH/s

Jet Plan

  • $1.1 per GH/s
  • 2000 GH/s
  • 30% discount code for plastic card


  • $1 per GH/s
  • 10,000 GH/s
  • Free plastic card with express delivery

Miners can also customize their own cloud mining plan. They can start from $1.2 per GH/s and 400 GH/s. The plan becomes cheaper with the number of GH/s that miners purchase.

HashCan FAQ

Q1: Who operates HashCan?

A: The same people who created WageCan also created HashCan.

Q2: How much does HashCan charge as maintenance fee?

A: HashCan charges USD0.00028 per GH/s every day as maintenance fees. The company deducts the maintenance fees in bitcoins from users’ accounts.

Q3: When do “open-ended contracts” come to an end?

A: The duration of open-ended contracts depends on three factors–maintenance fee, mining difficulty, and exchange rates. A contract becomes unprofitable when the payouts get bigger than the maintenance fee. When this happens, the payouts will become zero and the contract will continue to function only for thirty days. The company will terminate the contract if it does not become profitable within these 30 days.

Q4: Which is the best plan for beginners?

A: HashCan suggests Jet Plan as ideal for beginners.

Q5: When will I start making a profit?

A: It is difficult to say when you will start making a profit because payouts depend on factors such as difficulty level and exchange rates.

Getting Help

Click on the help button at the bottom of the WageCan website, type in your query or keywords, and hit the search option. Alternative, miners can send an email to service@wagecan.com

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